A Spot of Bother

(Der wunde Punkt)

by Mark Haddon

Summary: The whole family is a mess. Father George goes mad after he discovered an eczema on his hip, convinced that it is cancer, mother Jean has an affair with her husband's former collegue. Daughter Katie can't decide if she is in love with her current boyfriend or not; the wedding is already planned. Son Jamie doesn't want to bring his boyfriend. He is convinced that this would be better for Tony, who seems to see that a bit different and breaks up with Jamie. What will happen when all these problematic family members get together?

Comment: Like in his other book "The curious incident of the dog in the night time", Haddon deals again with a mentally disturbed character without making any judgement. It is funny to watch all these people struggle with their lives and finally meet, giving the story some more or less unexpected turns.

Rating: 4 Stars

27.5.08 21:40

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