by Kenneth Oppel

Summary: Shade is one of the newborns of the Silverwings, a bat colony. But he's different from the others: He's weak, a real runt - and he's curious. That's why he wants to get a glimpse of the sun although his kind is forbidden to see it, banished from daylight thousands of years ago by the owls and beasts. For revenge the owls burn down the Silverwings' nursery and the bats have to leave early for Hibernaculum, the place in the south where they hibernate and males and females get together again. On the way there, Shade gets seperated from the other in a storm. On the island he was blown to, he meets Marina, a Brightwing. Together they set off to find Shade's colony. On their way they encounter dschungle bats, that make the owls start a war, closely escape a colony of rats and try to find the meaning of the bands given by the Humans to Marina, Shade's lost father and many other bats. Are they really part of Nocturna's Promise? Is the bat goddess helping them to get the day back?

Comment: A nice, short and enjoyable story. I like the idea of telling a story through a bat's eyes. Shade is a character you can easily identify with.

Rating: 4 Stars

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